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Driver Programs

Corso Pilota is a precision driving program offered to Ferrari clients and their guests. The program is broken into four levels: Sport (beginner), Advanced, EVO, and Challenge. These exclusive two-day schools give participants the ability to drive Ferrari’s in the controlled environment of a racetrack. Under the guidance of instructors, drivers push their driving limits while learning various techniques such as weight transfer, slalom, brake control, and acceleration techniques. The courses are limited to a small group of participants and take place in an intimate setting. Five star accommodations are included as well as a champagne reception, group dinner, and commemorative event memorabilia.

Course Descriptions:


This exciting two-day training course consists of a comprehensive, exclusive, and personalized teaching method. Professional instructors guide participants through engaging instruction on the basic techniques to include: most efficient driving position in the cockpit, progressive accelerator and brake control, establishing precise driving lines through bends and braking and acceleration techniques.


The advanced course is limited to drivers that have completed the Sport course. Participants in the Advanced course focus on advanced, high speed driving and vehicle control. Through dynamic trials, participants learn to analyze their own performance behind the wheel. The agenda includes theory sessions in the classroom and highly personalized instruction.

Once a driver has completed the Advanced course, they may progress to the EVO course. Driving techniques and excitement are enhanced by in-depth telemetric analysis with the use of competition cars and tires. Participants experience a highly personalized approach, dedicated to driver improvement. The “evolution” course helps participants transition from precision driving to a more dynamic race preparatory program.


Ferrari created the Challenge course to provide highly professional and technically advanced instruction in order to bring customers closer to the world of Ferrari racing. Drivers experience in depth instruction aimed at perfecting driving technique and maintaining constant performance over timed track sessions.

Chronometric and telemetric assessment is used to help participants gain familiarity with basic racing techniques such as: starting and overtaking, procedures for the various stages of a race, car setup methods and race rules and regulations. The Challenge course offers an incredibly exciting and professional experience for becoming a real Ferrari Challenge racecar driver.

To schedule your course or to request more information about upcoming programs, please email our Motorsports Coordinator at [email protected]

Next Upcoming Programs

Corso Pilota 2017
Location: Austin, TX
Circuit: Circiut of the America's (COTA)


  • March 7th & 8th* - Sport | $13,900
  • March 9th & 10th - Advanced | $16,700
  • March 13th & 14th - Evolution | $20,500
  • March 15th & 16th - Challenge | $24,900

Package Includes:  

  • Two-day course curriculum 
  • Five-star accommodations 
  • Commemorative event memorabilia 
  • Shuttle transfers between hotel and track
  • Champagne reception, group dinners and lunches at track

These courses sell out fast. Please contact our Motorsports Coordinator at [email protected] to secure your spot today. 

*Guest fee applies. 

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Corso Pilota
Corso Pilota